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Free Splash pages have long been an excellent way to draw people into your site, app or service, without bombarding them with too much information. In fact, the very point of a splash page maker is to show your essence, while teasing what you have to offer. It is also used to capture the user's attention for a short time as a promotion or lead-in to the site homepage or social media channel.

A splash page maker can also be a page that shows up before your home page as an introduction to your site. They are not as common on the modern web as they used to be. Many contain images or flash videos and all will have an entrance link to the actual site.

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Revolutionizing Splash Page Maker Technologies

With our current technology, you can:

  • Upload video as a background
  • Upload video to your splash page
  • Link up to 20 social media channels
  • Upload both a personal profile image as well as a background image
  • Upload multiple background images creating a live slide show as your background
  • Create a Facebook feed
  • Create a Twitter Feed
  • And just recently released: You can create a HashTag feed (#) which allow your followers to not only find your social media links but the HashTags that are important to you.
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Free Splash Pages

Utilizing a free splash page helps search engines drive traffic to your home page. Although typical splash pages tend to lack in keywords and content which makes it difficult for the search engine to decide what your site is about, at WannaFollow.Me, we have reinvented Splash Page functionality. Utilizing our engine, you can control the information that gets crawled by all of the major search engines.

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