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How to lose weight fast It is not difficult for us to lose weight fast; if we can cope up with changes in diet and lifestyle. Human body weight mainly depends on bone density and its protein mass. It’s varies from gender to age, like in children the mass of both bone & protein both are less. Protein mass is high mainly in male rather than female. Male body contains 70% protein (compared to solid mass in the body) that associated with muscle mass. But none of this (protein & bone), is bad or detrimental for body’s heavy weight. The main problems occur when the fat contain increase in the body than normal limit. Usually female body contains more fat tissue than male. But when body fat limit goes to over the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate, over this limit 30kg/m (height in meter)2) limits, then it’s a problem for both sexes. Risk for many diseases increase for this extra weight, so body weights have to control in effective way where bodies normal function will not hampered. Some key steps to Lose Weight Fast: #Take a sufficient natural vegetable which contains fiber. From a research it is proved that fiber in vegetable reduce the LDL (Low density lipoprotein-Bad cholesterol) TG (triglyceride -Fat) level. # Eating limited calorie food which will provide less energy than we need everyday, so body will take that extra calorie from our body fat layer & result in reduction of fat mass. Like if our body supply 500 calorie everyday from our body itself (rather than food), it will reduce ½ pound in each week. # Walking regularly because when we walk 200 muscle work to give us the assurance of one step, so by walking less wear & tear occur in the body that reduce physical streets. But running is more effective than walking to lose weight, like eat less but do more. # Reduce use of salt, because Sodium present in salt retains more water in our body which makes us to looks puffy. # Avoid Starch (more present in potato) , fatty food items, like red meat or fatty milk. # We should keep away from Sweets, glucose or any sports drinks because those contain a huge energy (calorie) that aggravates our body weight. # Avoid sitting for a long time, it has been proved that sitting for a long time prevent peristalsis (movement) of GIT(Gastro intestinal tract) that causes constipation and its constipation make scope to absorb all of the food nutrients from our gut. # Drinking more water, it reduces of occurrence of constipation (A risk factor of hemoroidal disease, like fistula and piles). # Human psychology says that our plate makes us obese, people who take small plate, eat less. Never make ourselves busy to watching TV during eating; it will help to increase our food consumption. # If our metabolism increase then it will help us to burn our weight rapidly, Heavy working people or topical areas people normally high metabolizer then cold areas people. # People, who exercise more are normally heavy weighted, its due to their muscle mass (protein contain in a body), is not bad. But due to have a huge muscle their body needs more oxygen than normal people and normally they are high metabolizer. # Take less alcohol. Some advantage of Weight loss: # Reduce the risk for cardiac diseases, arthritis, Osteoporosis (erosion of bone). # Delay aging process and skin wrinkle occurrences. # Improve memory function and working ability. # Blood pressure decrease with weight loss. # People with type2 diabetes had lower blood sugar levels if they lost weight. Be aware of: # Low oxygen consumption during exercise, increase post exercise pain in the muscle. # Loss natural Skin tone occurs during more loss of body weight in a short time. # Electrolytic imbalanced, hypovolemic shock, vertigo, weakness etc. The last word is, don’t miss a meal and inhale fresh air through nose (rather than mouth), this will prevent such disadvantage of feeling laziness in reducing body weight.

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