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Hi, I'm Dwayne Johnson

Hello I am Dwayne Johnson. I am an American and Canadian actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler, signed with WWE.

DwayneJohnson added video Personal best 460lbs hip/glute thrusts to warm up before hitting legs. Solid gains in strength and coach Dave Rienzi and I are always managing lower body past injuries - multiple knee surgeries, quad & adductor tears off pelvis, ruptured surgically repaired Achilles, multiple hernia surgical repairs etc etc. Stronger now and carrying more dense muscle than ever before, but the key is really smart, precise, intense training and diet. And doing my best to always listen to my body. And according to NASA, Im basically bionic from the waist down. Which always leads to inappropriate jokes whilst I drink my tequila We trained very hard today. #TodayWasAGoodDay #LegDay #BionicStuff #IronParadise

DwayneJohnson added video In exactly ONE MONTH, the biggest athletic EVENT series on television kicks off. The every day people, who are also some of the extraordinary athletes in the world. I created this platform for them! Welcome to the Titan Games 2 hour premiere event JANUARY 3rd on NBC. Seven Bucks Productions A. Smith & Co. Productions

DwayneJohnson added video Good day. Hard work. Inaudible grunting. Wide grip pull ups with full range of controlled motion. I have to execute these reps slow and deliberate due to my upper body injuries - torn labrum in my right shoulder and tore all my ligaments in my left shoulder when it popped out of socket and was just hanging there like a sexy wet noodle. Fun pain but shit could always be worse. Had a good intense one today. Get yours. #HWITR

DwayneJohnson added video Fun to grit it out in Hawaii where the mana is always strong. Good to be home bruthas and sistaaaaas. #championshipsets #ironparadise #tilfailure #needwaffles

DwayneJohnson added video I give you my word, you DO NOT want to miss Titan Games THIS THURSDAY. One of the most inspirational tests of heart, will, strength and pride of TWO AMAZING WOMEN who refused to give up and refused to give in. I applaud my two incredible TITANS Christina Luna and Fitgurlmel with so much respect. This Thursday you will too. #StrengthOfAWoman Titan Games THIS THURSDAY @8PM on NBC.